Sphere Wheel Alignment 3D

The Sphere ARP3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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The V-Tech Sphere Wheel Alignment machine is Equipped with tyre grabbing 3 point clamps to avoid run out compensation. Very quick to use. Remote control located on each sensor. Run out compensation when required. 

This machine can be used on any 4 post or scissors lift. Automatic lift level compensation.

Megapixel lenses;

3D solid-state targets (patent pending) with 3-point quick locking


Mechanical turn tables;

Fixed measuring heads (patent pending) and camera units – battery

operated for fixed or mobile installation with connection for battery charging on the heads too. Quick replacement batteries (only version .B);

Keyboard with remote-control function and display on each head;

Led repeaters for registration indication on each head;

Ink-jet printer;

Possibility to avoid run-out compensation;

Quick mounting brackets to lift;

Cabinet with battery recharging housing, hook for targets with

clamps, measuring heads deposit.

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