NEW V-Tech Vehicle Emissions Analysers!

Fully Upgradeable and Future Proof Technology!

Our units are fully 2022 compliant. 

All of our units are MTS connected!

Get yourself a fully upgradable V-Tech Vehicle Emissions Analyser today!

The new V-Tech range of emissions analyzers is the perfect solution for workshops and MOT stations looking for an emissions analyzer offering outstanding quality and extremely good value for money.

In addition, the Combi is fully ‘FAST Pass’ and 2018 DVSA compliant.

The V-Tech emissions analyzers are fully integrated, PC based Gas and Smoke Emission Analyser for MOT testing stations. Being fully approved by GEA and DVSA the V-Tech Combi offers reliability and support.

‘All emissions analyzers need to be compliant with the new DVSA regulations by 20th May 2018’


The ideal solution to workshops wishing to upgrade just their smoke unit. Fully 2018 & ‘FAST PASS’ compliant, it is very simple to use and comes standard with battery RPM facility. Supplied complete with a business Dell PC and Laser Printer. This smoke meter is ready to have a V-Tech Gas Analyser fitted when required to turn it into a fully functioning, well-known V-Tech Combi.

Our V-Tech Combi is what you need!

The V-Tech Combi is the perfect solution for workshops and MoT Stations looking for an emissions analyzer offering outstanding quality and extremely good value for money. Plus it is full ‘FAST Pass’ & 2018 DVSA compliant.

  • Perform a diesel test in 3 minutes!
  • 5 years Warranty
  • Made in Sweden
  • GEA and DVSA Approved petrol and diesel analyzer


Combustion diagnosis station and engine treatment assistance
• Five gas Analyzer & smokemeter (high resolution)
• OBD Scanner
• Printable report
• Intuitive and expert software
• Interface : tablet (8”) or touch screen (23”)
• Wireless connection
• On-line assistance

Options : Protective cover, customized software, VT-3500 trolley, non intrusive engine temperature probe.

  • 5 years Warranty
  • Supplied with a Tablet PC
  • Wireless and Bluetooth measure
  • GEA and DVSA Approved petrol and diesel Analyzer
  • Made in France

Did you know?

“In a recent customer survey, V-Tech UK’s sales & technical support service was unanimously rated by our existing customers as ‘excellent’ for all aspects from initial ordering of the V-Tech UK Emissions Analyzers to the delivery of the units and even covered the support received in the event of equipment failure”

If you want a straightforward value for money MOT emissions Combi package then clearly
The V-Tech Emissions Analyzers should be at the top of your list!

  • Lowest running costs in the UK…with outstanding reliability!
  • National service and calibrations carried out by approved engineers through-out the UK.
    (Including 2 gas and 1 smoke calibrations)


Industrial quality pump
Heavy duty solenoid valves
Latest sensors bench AeB2
OIML class 0
No chopper motor
Latest gas bench
Unique water protection system
Double exhaust fans
Robust design
Fast pass routine
Easy to use PC software
TFT screen
Dell laser printer included
Swedish build quality
Quickest unit on the market
No vibration damage
Rapid refresh of gas readings
5 yr warranty
Quiet operation
Rapid Cal/Zero HC
Hangup and refresh times
No lens cleaning
Faster data refresh
Long service life
No extortionate repair invoices
SMART card ready