Installation For Neil Ogden Commercials

Wireless column lifts are a fantastic piece of equipment for a garage or workshop to own, you’re able to offer a phenomenal service and save some space! Our Commercial Column Lifts are becoming incredibly popular. In fact, we’ve supplied and installed thousands of them in various workshops over the last few months. 


Delve into the post below to find out about our recent installation in Gloucester!

The Install


We recently took a trip up to Gloucester to install a set of our Wireless Column Lifts for an auto parts store called Neil Ogden Commercials. The company are an independent Commercial Vehicle Garage and has been established since 1998.    


They were on the hunt for a set of Commercial Column Lifts and our team pointed the business in the right direction when they were showed them our Commercial Column Lifts, available in Cabled and Wireless versions. 


The business decided to opt for our Wireless set due to the flexibility of this option since the wireless design makes the column lifts mobile. This means they can be manoeuvred around the workshop internally and externally if needed too. 


The Product


Our Wireless Column Lifts come with some fantastic high-safety and high-quality features, perfect for any and every garage. Our range is suitable for LCV and HGV vehicles, as with a total loading capacity of 30 tonnes. 


For a full set of column lifts, you can guarantee maximum strength for lifting larger vehicles. They come with so many great benefits, so of course, we’ve listed them for you below!

  • Advanced welding techniques ensure uniform welding strength and high quality.
  • Automatic troubleshooting and debugging.
  • Assembled with both hydraulic support and a mechanical lock.
  • Automatic levelling ensures synchronization.
  • ZigBee transmits signal ensures a stable signal and real-time monitoring.
  • Peak limit switches ensure auto-stop when the peak is reached.
  • High capacity: single column passes 7.5T times safety load test.
  • Over-load protection device avoids overload.

Now you’ve heard all there is to know about our recent installation, contact our team today by calling 0208 498 1288 or by emailing That’s it, that’s everything there is to know! All you have to do now is take the plunge and invest! 

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