Installing The Class 4 Scissor Lift ATL Bay

There’s nothing more helpful than being able to buy a full MOT Package all in one go, a package that has everything you need to become the ultimate MOT Testing Facility. It’s convenient and cost-effective since you’ll only need to deal with one supplier and in our case, one installer too! 


If you’re curious about how our recent installation of the Class 4 ATL Bay went in Derby, then keep reading the post below!



The Install


Heading off to Derby saw V-Tech install a high-quality Class 4 ATL Bay for a wonderful company. This package included some fantastic equipment that’s essential to the main workings of an MOT testing garage.


Within just 2 days, our trusted engineers were able to install all of the equipment within the package. After our fantastic engineers left, this great company in Derby were able to start using their brand-new MOT equipment straight away.


Not only is the garage now able to offer their local customers MOT services, but they are also able to test their own vehicles too saving them and making them a lot more money. 



The Product


Our Class 4 ATL Bay comes equipped with a wide range of fantastic equipment for your garage. All of the equipment in this package is vital to the inner workings of a testing station, so grabbing your garage one today is a decision that’s long overdue!


In this purchase, you’ll get:


  • A Class 7 Scissor Lift
  • Radius Plates – MOT Class 4 and 7
  • A Play Detector 
  • A Jacking Beam – MOT Class 4, manually operated, 2 tonne
  • Head Beam Setter
  • Brake Tester
  • Combi Smoke and Gas Analyser 


If you’re looking to invest in an ATL Bay for your garage, look no further. We have some fantastic packages available at competitive prices. Contact our team today to discuss everything there is to know about this product and so many more. 


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