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Save Time & Money By Bringing Wheel Alignment In-House

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Do you have at least 1 customer per week that needs their wheels aligned ?

If the answer is yes, you need to purchase a Wheel Aligner from us

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Our Active Plus WS Wheel Aligner

Why You Need A Wheel Alignment Machine At Your Garage

30% of all MOT fails come from issues around the wheel with suspension being the main cause at 17%. By investing in our Active Plus WS Wheel Aligner, you will now be able to offer your customers this service after carrying out any repairs and reduce the need to outsource work.

Another reason to invest is to reduce your customers tyre wear. Poor wheel alignment is the main cause of this issue for your customers, being able to offer this service will not only save your customers money but will also drive incremental revenue into your workshop.

The Best Wheel Aligner On The Market

The Active Plus WS Wheel Aligner is simply the best Wheel Alignment Machine on the market. Being able to easily and accurately align the wheels for various vehicle types. It features a lowered spoiler mode, has a database built in the system from 60’s to present day, features an 8-24 inch clamping with quick release clamps and has the ability to email reports direct to your customers.

The machine comes complete with 1 control unit complete with PC, monitor, key-board, printer and battery-charger, 2 front measuring heads, 2 rear measuring heads, 1 brake pedal depressor, 1 steering wheel lock and an instruction manual.

Features and Benefits of Active Plus WS Wheel Aligner

• Data Bluetooth transmission allows maximum mobility between different working positions

• Equipped with a powerful PC, an A4 printer and a useful compartment for wheel clamps deposit

• Quick data entering by model or V.I.N. number

• Summary and comparison of diagnosis/repair values on a single screen

• The keyboard with remote-control function provides total “on vehicle” operation

• Synoptic LED signal repeaters on each measuring head

• Software operating under Windows that allows the management of manufacturer data bank containing more than 90.000 vehicles with the possibility to enter new vehicles and data bank of vehicles stored with search by customer’s name or registration number

• The movie program, through interactive 3D graphics, displays the sequence of the operations necessary for a correct adjustment of the vehicle. This program is also accessible during adjustment procedures



• It is possible to measure wheel run out by moving the vehicle by only 30° (quick compensation in a little space)* without lifting the vehicle

• Quick diagnostic: The quick measurement of axle set back, wheelbase and track-width, may highlight any errors in the vehicles body and chassis symmetry

• A special Spoiler Program is automatically activated, through a simplified practical procedure, to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies

• The steering procedure is carried out electronically, through the CCD sensors, so that the caster and king pin are obtained with great precision. The movement of the wheels on the monitor follows the procedure that is being effected

• Easy update through SMART CARD for quick data bank update and USB KEY to save and restore customer data

Features and Benefits of our Active Plus WS Wheel Aligner

  • Can be used on 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, mid rise lifts, pits and more
  • Can be used via smart phone or tablet
  • Innovative number plate recognition
  • Email reports directly to customers
  • Easy remote control function
  • Data Bluetooth transmission
  • Database from 60’s to present day
  • 8-24 inch clamping with quick release clamps
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