V-Tech supplies Wireless Commercial Mobile Column Lifts for Gee Transport in Altrincham!


Commercial Column Lifts are becoming more popular amongst garages as they are great at lifting LCVs and HGVs to allow work to be carried out underneath. Due to their versatility, our column lifts have become the first-choice garage equipment for garages across the UK that are looking for commercial vehicle lifts. Keep reading below to find out our most recent Column Lift install in Altrincham!

Check out the installation!

Gee Transport has taken a leap and decided to purchase our ‘high-in-demand’ Commercial Mobile Column Lifts. This remarkable garage in Altrincham is a General and Chemical Haulier. Priding themselves on being a dependable business partner and solution to all haulage needs, our fantastic distribution partners – HGV Direct referred Gee Transport to our team at V-Tech in order to assist with their garage equipment needs. After approaching this wonderful company and giving an unbeatable price, Gee Transport decided to invest in our high-quality Commercial Mobile Column Lifts.

We offer an extensive range of Vehicle Lifts including 2 Post Lifts, 4 Post Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Commercial Vehicle Lifts and more. All of which are designed to be a long lasting part of any automotive workshop. Interested in investing in vehicle lifts for your Workshop? Email sales@v-techuk.com or call 0208 498 1288 to enquire.

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