Air Conditioning


For those hot summer temperatures, the demands on Vehicle AirCon is getting high! Take a look at this state-of-the-art VT-RR700 A/C machine, well built and durable from Italy. Easy to use and reliable and on special offer!

100% made in Italy with high quality components.

This air conditioning machine is available in old gas (R134a) and new gas (1234yf) configurations.

Technical Spec

Graphic display with icons
hoses and couplings set with quick replacement
nr 2 tanks with 2 charge cells 2 x 10
Vacuum pump 100 It/min
Facilitated charge in each temperature condition with BST system
Compressor capacity 400 gr
Automatic recovery
Automatic oil discharge
Programmable vacuum
Programmable vacuum test (in mbar)
Oil/additive injection standard with scale, 4th oil injector for R1234yf standard
3+1 injectors
Injection oil/additive by hybrid vehicles, with scale
Software hybrid vehicles
Automatic gas charge
Automatic leak test on power up
Automatic washing of the station’s system at each gas change
Multilingual software
Built-in database (cars, industrial vehicles, agricultural machines)
Personal database (100 entries)
Software for flushing cleaning (with kit 01.000.96 on request)
Software for recycling cleaning (VW, Audi) (with kit 01.000.139 on request)
Discharge of incondensable gases
Hose length adjustment
Automatic internal cleaning
HP/LP gauges class 1 with double scale
Nr 2 Bottle pressure gauges
Software in compliance with European Regulation (EC) No. 842/2006
Leakage test with nitrogen (with kit 01.000.218 on request)
Programmable refilling of the internal bottle
Upgrade of database and graphic via USB
Data upload into PC
INFO-page about the performed operations
Nr 10 preset users
Dimensions, 59x61x112cm
Weight 90kg

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