V-Tech Garage Equipment Aftercare

At V-Tech, service does not simply stop after purchase of equipment, we believe that aftercare is a paramount part of the complete V-Tech service. V-Tech UK is known for its full aftercare service including on site maintenance, servicing & repair of all our garage equipment. V-Tech’s aftercare package available during and after warranty, bringing peace of mind to you whilst also reducing risk of equipment downtime. Our aftercare package will save your garage time and money.


V-Tech engineers are fully qualified, UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:1998 and capable of carrying out inspections on vehicle lifts and pressure systems. Engineers inspect all lifts to guidance according to LOLER, PUWER and BS 7980: 2003 Vehicle lifts – Installation, maintenance, thorough examination and safe use.Our engineers understand that attention to detail and being thorough is important when examining lifts.


LOLER introduced new regulation regarding the safety and use of lifting equipment. The lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 998 requires that all lifts used in work activities are examined thoroughly by a competent person at regular intervals. This regulation applies to both lifts and hoists used to lift people and loads.

In compliance with current LOLER & PUWER legislation, garage equipment including trolley jacks, transmission jacks and associated car service and repair accessories must be thoroughly examined by a competent person. Following a detailed and thorough inspection of any lifting equipment, including testing equipment, a report is submitted by the competent person to the duty holder and, if necessary, the enforcing authority (the Health and Safety Executive or local authority) so that appropriate action can be taken.


For a garage to stay safe and confident regular checks are needed. Call a V-Tech engineer to visit your workshop today and calibrate all your equipment in one.

The regulations in place applies to a range of lifts including hoists, mobile platforms, lifts, cranes and vehicle inspection hoists.

Routine maintenance checks involves replacing damaged or worn parts, checking fluid levels and adjustments made to prevent risks and malfunction. Alternatively we also carry out thorough routine checks to make sure maintenance work is being carried out correctly.


Aftercare Packages includes;

On site repairs & maintenance

lift service

Brake Tester Calibrations

MOT Bay equipment’s

Emission analyser calibrations