Five Questions To Expect As A Mechanic

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In addition to providing a wide range of garage equipment through our network of suppliers throughout the UK, the team at V-Tech are also keen to offer advice to garage owners so that they can offer the best possible service to their clients, both in terms of the work they do and the way they interact with the people who come into their garage. As a mechanic, it is likely that you are going to be asked a lot of questions before a new customer will allow you to work on their car, with the below being amongst the most common.

What’s Wrong With My Car?

This is usually the first question and it will often follow a description of what the driver has been experiencing with the car when out on the road. It is important that you are clear with your answer here, but that you don’t claim a problem until you’re absolutely certain. If you need some time to check, such as if the issue commonly occurs with a range of problems, be honest with the customer and tell them so, listing the various mechanical issues that could cause whatever it is they are experiencing.

What Are You Qualifications?

Any mechanic who is worth their salt should be more than happy to answer this question for their clients. Talk about any industry-recognized qualifications that you hold and the experience that you have in the industry. You should also introduce your team, especially those who will work directly on the car, and offer the same sort of information about them to the client. This will ensure that the client feels secure in leaving their vehicle with you.

Do You Specialize?

Many garages specialize in certain services, be they for specific vehicles or the type of work that they will carry out. More savvy customers will often ask what you specialize in, so you should make sure there is no room for confusion here. This may mean that you have to turn the occasional customer away if their cars don’t have issues that your garage can remedy, but that is preferable to claiming you can fix something, only to find out that you can’t once you have committed.

Do I Get A Courtesy Car?

Many larger garages will offer courtesy cars, especially if they have to keep vehicles for an extended period of time, however, this is not something that smaller garages can usually offer. If you can’t be honest with the customer and then explain why your garage is still their best choice, focusing on the quality of your work and any other selling points that you have.

How Much Will It Cost?

This will be asked by practically every customer and should be answered as honestly as possible. If you aren’t sure, offer quotes based on the potential problems that you may have to remedy and, most importantly, stick to those quotes when it comes time to receive payment. You may want to put everything in writing once you have settled on a definite price, both to protect yourself and to ensure the customer is satisfied.

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