Every year businesses create tonnes of waste due to discarded workshop equipment because they have had to replace units due to the software not being upgradeable. At V-Tech we supply high-quality, long-lasting equipment which usually has the option of being upgraded in various ways to prevent you from having to invest in more up to date units down the line. We also have the ability to upgrade most existing workshop equipment.

One of the most common units in a workshop which is thrown out due to not being able to be upgraded is an emissions analyser. However, what you should know is that with our V-Tech Combi that is not the case because as regulations change our units will help you stay connected through the ease of being upgradeable

Upgradeable V-Tech Combi

The V-Tech Combi has stood up to any new regulation introduced. Through software updates, we have been able to ensure all V-Tech Combi users are fully compliant with the latest DVSA requirements. This also provides a cost-effective solution and removes the need to replace equipment. Many customers have had the V-Tech Combi for over 10 years because of our premium components and excellent build quality

Benefits of our Opus Combi Emissions Analyzer:

  • - Perform a diesel test in 3 minutes!
  • - 5 years warranty
  • - Manufactured in Sweden
  • - Approved by the GEA and DVSA
  • - And of course, long-lasting!

Remember, if you require any new workshop equipment that is long-lasting, we can supply a huge range of quality products along with competitive finance and even professional installation (if required).

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