Adjustable fork arm:240mm-600mm (suitable for LCV & HGV vehicles)

Accommodate wheel sizes : 380mm-1156mm


High Safety
  • Advanced welding techniques ensures uniform welding strength and high quality.
  • Automatic trouble shooting and debugging.
  • Assembled with both hydraulic support and a mechanical lock.
  • Automatic leveling ensures synchronization.
  • ZigBee transmits signal ensures stable signal and real time monitoring.
  • Peak limit switches ensure auto-stop when peak is reached.
  • High capacity: single column passes 7.5T times safety load test.
  • Over-load protection device avoids over-load.
High Efficiency
  • Easy movement allows indoor and outdoor* use.
  • Max. 16 columns can work as one set to meet customer requirements.
  • Each column is assembled with a control box without a difference between main column or slave columns. Each column can control the whole set.
  • Lower power load ensures lift lowers down evenly with dead battery.
Low Cost Performance
  • Durable service lift with lower maintenance cost.
  • Low space usage increases plant space utilization.
  • Lifts are movable to different sites.
  • Different size axle stands can help to maintain more working stations.
  • *Not suitable for outdoor wash bays
Technical Spec
Number of columns44 4
Capacity per column5.5 ton7.5 ton8.5 ton
Total capacity22 tons30 tons34 tons
Max. Lifting height1820 mm
Time of full rise or down<90s
Charging Voltage220V/110V
Motor power3 Kw Per column
Output Voltage24V/DC
Input Voltage for Charger110V/220V AC
Weight600Kgs Per column 700Kgs Per Column 780Kgs Per column
Column Dimensions2300mm(H)*1100mm(W)*1300mm(L)
Max.colums per set16 columns,all columns are identical

Product Specifications may change without notice.

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