Adjustable fork arm:240mm-600mm (suitable for I-CV & HGV vehicles) Accommodate wheel sizes : 380mm-1156mm


High Safety
  • Automatic trouble shooting and debugging.
  • Assembled with both hydraulic support and a mechanical lock.
  • Automatic leveling ensures synchronization.
  • Peak limit switches ensure an auto-stop when peak height is reached.
  • High capacity: single column passes 7.5T times safety load test.
  •  Over-load protection device avoids over-loading issues.
High Efficiency
  • Easy movement allows indoor and outdoor* use.
  • Max.64 columns can work as one set to meet different axle quantity and vehicle lengths.
  • Lower power load ensures lift lowers down evenly with dead battery.
  • Remote control handle.
Low Cost Performance
  • Durable service lift with lower maintenance cost.
  • Low space usage increases plant space utilization.
  • Lifts are movable to different sites.
  • Different size axle stands can help to maintain more working stations.
  • *Not suitable for outdoor wash bays
Technical Spec
Number of columns444
Capacity per column5.5 ton7.5 ton8.5 ton
Total capacity22 tons30 tons34 tons
Max. Lifting height1820 mm
Time of full rise or down<90s
Motor power2.2 Kw Per column
Power Supply208V/220V 3 phase 60Hz380V/400V/415V 3 Phase 50Hz
Weight550Kgs per column580Kgs Per Column680Kgs Per column
Column Dimensions2300mm(H)*1100mm(W)*1300mm(L)
Max.colums per set64 columns all master columns

are same and all slave columns are same

Product Specifications may change without notice.

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