The Sphere ARP3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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Exclusive 3D targets: – no need for run out compensation – extremely light – no electronic components inside – no maintenance required.

Pair of self-centering 3 point clamps. Equipped with quick claws approach device. No metal-to-metal contact.




The V-Tech Sphere Wheel Alignment machine is Equipped with tyre grabbing 3 point clamps to avoid run out compensation. Very quick to use. Remote

control located on each sensor. Run out compensation when required. 

This machine can be used on any 4 post or scissors lift. Automatic lift level compensation. 

Megapixel lenses;

3D solid-state targets (patent pending) with 3-point quick locking


Mechanical turn tables;

Fixed measuring heads (patent pending) and camera units – battery

operated for fixed or mobile installation with connection for battery charging on the heads too. Quick replacement batteries (only version .B);

Keyboard with remote-control function and display on each head;

Led repeaters for registration indication on each head;

Ink-jet printer;

Possibility to avoid run-out compensation;

Quick mounting brackets to lift;

Cabinet with battery recharging housing, hook for targets with

clamps, measuring heads deposit.

Easy Data, Easy Alignment


• Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment

• Data bank with more than 90.000 vehicle data sheets

• Further data sheets can be added by the user

• Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number

Model featuring the automatic research of the targets. Automatic sensors with automatic positioning of the cameras.

Equipped with tire grabbing 3 point clamps to avoid run out compensation. Extremely fast. Remote control located on each sensor.

Run out compensation when required. Equipped with a second set of batteries for quick change (ATS.B).

Measurement of Vehicles up to 4700 mm (185″) Wheelbase:

– Move forward the turntables or

– Mount the sensors in the second set of supports

Technical Spec

Technical Specifications

Technical Features

Technical FeaturesAccuracyMeasuring RangeTotal Measuring Range
Total Toe+/-2+/-2+/-20
Partial Toe+/-1+/-1+/-20
Set Back+/-2+/-2+/-5
King pin+/-5+/-10+/-18
Rear Axle
Total Toe+/-2+/-2+/-20
Partial Toe+/-1+/-1+/-20
Set Back+/-2+/-2+/-5
Thrust angle+/-2+/-2+/-15

• Databank with more than 10.000 specifications. Changes in existing data or data for an unlimited number of new cars can be typed in via the


• Program and data are stored on a hard disk. The database is updated via the CD ROM drive.

• Adjusting of Camber and Caster with the cars in lifted up position so it is easier to adjust specific car models.

• Customer databank with complete records of earlier measurements.

• Measurements result from before and after adjustment.

• Casterswing on 100 , 140 and 200 can be selected.

• Equipment can be controlled from all 4 measuring heads.

• On-line Pop-Up Help for all measurement and system functions.

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