Four Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Four Post Lift

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One of the key questions that garage owners have to face, especially when they first open their workshops, is what type of vehicle lifts they are going to get. This will often be dictated by the size of the garage and the work that the mechanic generally expects to be completing, however, once the choice is made it is also important to understand how to get the most out of your new piece of garage equipment so that your customers can enjoy even better service.

Here we will be taking a look at some handy tips and tricks that will help you to get more out of a four post vehicle lift, many of which may be unexpected yet surprisingly handy.

Use Mirrors

A very underrated, yet useful tip for guiding a vehicle onto the lift itself is to make use of mirrors by placing them in behind the four post lift. That way, when you are driving a car up to it, you will be able to make sure that the wheels are perfectly aligned right from the start, instead of having to go backwards and forwards over and over again until the vehicle is where it is meant to be.

Never Exceed Weight Limits

It may seem like a simple tip, but many new owners of four post lifts, particularly inexperienced mechanics and hobbyists, believe that their lifts can handle more weight than the manufacturer says. Make sure you pay attention to the lift’s weight limit, as exceeding it could lead to breakages and safety issues that could cause injury to a worker or reflect poorly on your garage if customers see it happen.

Use Jack Stands

While a four post lift makes it easier to access the underside of a car, it does limit you somewhat in terms of what you can actually do while under there, especially when compared to two post lifts. This can be easily remedied by using jack stands. Simply use your four post lift to raise the vehicle far enough off the ground that you will be able to lie underneath the car, then use a few strategically placed jack stands to keep the car firmly in place, before lowering the lift so that you gain even better access. This is ideal for garage owners who can’t afford multiple lifts for their garages, though it is important to get great quality jack stands and to be very careful when doing this.

Use Plastic Drip Trays

You may want to use drip trays that connect to the four post lift while you are working on cars. Usually, you will have the option of choosing between metal or plastic drip trays. While your first instinct may be to go metal, both for the aesthetic qualities and the fact that the material is sturdier, just keep in mind what might happen to the car you’re working on if that metal tray becomes disconnected. Where possible, go with plastic so that you can ensure the vehicle stays protected from such issues at all times.

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