Four Qualities To Look For In Your Mechanic

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Garage Equipment is dedicated to providing the best quality tools and machinery for mechanics all over the United Kingdom through our dedicated network of suppliers and installation technicians. Throughout the course of providing this equipment, the team has worked alongside a wide range of different technicians and mechanics, helping them to understand the complexities of their new machinery and ensure that their garage comes up to the standard that their customers will expect.

We also want to ensure that the people who will benefit most from the equipment supplied by us hire the best mechanics for the job, so here are a few qualities that you need to look out for in mechanic before you allow them to work on your car.

Technical Knowledge

It is vital that your mechanic is able to demonstrate their technical knowledge right off the bat. This extends far beyond boggling you with terms that you have never heard of, instead meaning that they need to be able to explain the work that needs to be done in word that you understand, while also showing that they can accurately highlight the issues that your vehicle has. If you find that your mechanic avoids questions or doesn’t explain the terminology they use, you may be best served looking elsewhere.

Time Management

Many of the mechanics that you work with will run their own garages, which means they need to be up to speed on all aspects of running a business. One of the most important of these is time management, as a good mechanic will usually be working on a variety of cars at the same time and thus must be able to organize their time effectively so that they can complete the work on the date that they promise it will be done.


Mechanics will often spend a large portion of their day interacting with clients and their teammates, so it is important that they approach everybody with a positive and personable attitude at all times. This makes it easier to communicate your issue to the mechanic and allows you to build up a bond of trust with them to the point where you will be happy, as a customer, to allow them to work on your car. It also ensures that they operate a safe and happy workplace, so that the client’s vehicle is never affected by workplace communication or morale issues.

A Strong Work Ethic

Being a quality mechanic takes a certain amount of dedication, as you will need to constantly update yourself on the latest garage equipment that is available, including how to use it for clients. Furthermore, the mechanic will also need to be comfortable when it comes to customer service, be able to complete all of the paperwork that comes their way and update their certifications when needed, all in addition to their primary task of actually repairing your vehicle. This takes a strong work ethic, so try to avoid any mechanic who seems too keen to rush a job through or those that might take a lazier approach.

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