Why Buy A Four Post Lift?

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Some of the biggest decisions you will need to make as a garage owner revolve around the types of vehicle lifts that you will be using. This is especially the case for those with limited workshop space, as they will need to properly manage that space to ensure that they can offer the widest variety of services to as many customers as possible. The choices range between 2 post and 4 post lifts, with some garage owners also opting to go for scissor lifts in many cases too.

If you are in a position where you can only buy one vehicle lift, it is important to know what each one has to offer so you can better determine which one is going to provide you with what you need. With that in mind, with this article we are going to take a more detailed look at 4 post vehicle lifts and why they may be the perfect piece of garage equipment for you.


The key advantage that a four post lift has over the others is stability and support. These types of lift offer support to the entire body of the car, usually by creating a platform for the wheels to lie on. While this can restrict your movement under the vehicle and makes it a little more difficult to access the undercarriage of the car, it does mean that the vehicle is safely lifted off the ground, meaning you can feel more confident going about any work you are going to need to do.

This is ideal for when you need to store a vehicle for a while and don’t want to have to worry about it once it has been elevated.

Potential Portability

One of the biggest complaints about two post vehicle lifts is that they have to be anchored to the floor before you are able to use them. This means that you need to set aside a dedicated space in your workshop that you won’t be able to use for any other purpose once the vehicle lift has been installed.

With a four post lift you usually get an added level of portability. While they can be fixed to the floor as well, this ability to move the vehicle lift around the garage means that you can make better use of your available floor space and can adjust as necessary when you are particularly busy. However, this is countered somewhat by the fact that a four post lift will usually take up more space than its two post equivalent, so be sure to keep this in mind when making your decision.

Easier Positioning

With a four post lift you don’t need to worry about manually positioning the arms of the equipment to ensure that it will have a proper grip on the vehicle. In most cases you should be able to simply drive onto the lift and then lock the car into place, without spending a lot of time messing around with positioning.

This is ideal for garage owners for whom efficiency and speed is a factor, as it makes it much easier to simply get a vehicle loaded and elevated.

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