Installing V-Tech’s MOT Bay Equipment For DF Naylor

Making sure you’re able to offer a fantastic service to all of your incredible customers is a huge part of owning a garage! One of the most vital services a customer requires is an MOT. Deciding to become an MOT Testing Station, or to get your garage an MOT Bay is a fantastic idea. 

In fact, many workshops invest in MOT equipment not only to offer a high-in-demand service to their customers, but to help generate even more revenue for their workshops! 

To find out more about our recent MOT installation in Derby, keep reading below! 



The Install

V-Tech is proud to supply a wide range of MOT equipment, including some fantastic Class 4 ATL Bays. We headed off to Derby to install a high-quality Class 4 ATL Bay for an incredible company in this part of the UK. 

It took just 2 days for our trusted engineers to be able to install this fantastic choice of MOT equipment. Once this wonderful bay was installed, this company housed in Derby was able to start using their new MOT testing equipment to carry out MOTs for their customers.

By purchasing our MOT Bay they are able to maintain their own cars, as well as offer services out to local customers and drivers and within just weeks, they’ll be able to earn their money back from their investment.



The Product

Our Class 4 ATL Bay comes with a huge range of handy and cost-effective equipment for your garage, all of which you’ll be able to start using straight after the installation. All of the equipment in this package is vital to the workings of a garage, especially if you want to offer top-tier services! 

In this purchase, you’ll get:

  • A Class 7 Scissor Lift
  • Radius Plates – MOT Class 4 and 7
  • A Play Detector 
  • A Jacking Beam – MOT Class 4, manually operated, 2 tonne
  • Head Beam Setter
  • Brake Tester
  • Combi Smoke and Gas Analyser 


Those are some fantastic pieces of equipment to get, especially since they’re all within one great MOT package from us!!

There are so many great reasons to grab your garage an MOT Bay from us! Of course, we couldn’t end this post without giving you all of those fantastic reasons!

  • Best value high-quality MOT Bays in the country
  • Fully project managed
  • Full groundworks team (additional price is applicable – subject to site survey)
  • Delivered and installed by our very own professional team of nationwide MOT Equipment Engineers
  • All equipment is one uniform colour
  • Equipment that looks as good as it performs

All you need to do now is find out what MOT configuration would best suit your garage space, and luckily for you our MOT Specialists at head office can help to assist you with this. Contact our team today at 0208 498 1288 or visit our website.


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