The Benefits of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

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Here at Garage Equipment, we provide a nitrogen generator tyre inflator that will help workshops provide an even better service to their clients. While many are still using compressed air and other methods to inflate tyres, a nitrogen generator offers a wide range of advantages that garages and their customers may find to be very useful. Here we will take a look at some of them so that you can make a more informed decision about the type of tyre inflator that your garage needs.

Long-Term Tyre Pressure

One of the main advantages of using nitrogen in tyres is that the gas is far less likely to migrate through tyre rubber and out into the atmosphere. This means that the tyre will maintain its pressure for a longer period of time, necessitating fewer adjustments and also ensuring that the vehicle performs at its top level for longer.

Remember that the air we breathe is actually predominantly nitrogen, rather than oxygen, so in many cases compressed air will already contain plenty of the gas. However, by going for a pure nitrogen inflation, you get even more of the benefit that it provides in terms of maintaining a consistent tyre pressure.

No Water

There will be occasions when an air inflation system is not properly maintained, which is when humidity may start creeping in. This can result in water in the tyres becoming a problem, especially if the garage is unaware of the humidity problem and hasn’t taken steps to purge the water.

This is never going to be an issue with nitrogen generator tyre inflators, as nitrogen is not a component of water, which as we all remember from secondary school science is two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. A good generator will go through multiple purge cycles to replace the oxygen in the tyre, which will also serve to get rid of any water that is in the tyre and thus provide a better driving experience.

Better Performance

The positive effects that nitrogen has on the tyres that it is used in helps to improve the vehicle’s performance enormously. This is the reason why racing drivers prefer to use the gas instead of going for compressed air. The gas disperses heat more effectively in the tyre, allowing it to stay in better condition for longer. This improves fuel economy in addition to ensuring that the tread of the tyre lasts longer due to a lower amount of heat being generated by the nitrogen.

This longer-lasting tread obviously contributes to the tyre having even better handling. Again this, coupled with the more consistent pressure in the tyre, will make the vehicle easier to drive and improve its performance. Furthermore, if the car is performing how it should be, you will find that you feel much safer when you are in it as you don’t need to compensate for any problems.

The Final Word

If you want to provide your customers with the best quality gas for their tyres, consider buying a nitrogen generator tyre inflator today so that you can help your clients achieve better performance out of their vehicles.

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